Five678's resident performance company

Who is DDC?

Dream Dance Company(DDC) is our resident performance company. Members of our dance company serve as ambassadors for our studio on and off the dance floor. All "Dream" dancers compete at local and national competitions, perform locally for our community and take hours of technical dance training through weekly classes, workshops, master classes and life experiences. Our goal is to prepare our dancers for the stage of life. Scholarships, Self Confidence and the ability to be a humble winner and learning how to lose with grace is all apart of our training. Competitive Dance...It's a Lifestyle!

Ages & Levels

AGES 5-6


AGES 7-8


AGES 9-11


Junior Fierce

Junior Elite

AGES 12-18




How Can I Join?

Dream Dance Company's work has been described as disciplined, visually stunning and technically strong. 

We are always seeking dancer and parents who are committed to the invest of their dancer through dance. If you have at least 2 years of technical training and are ready to take on the LIFESTYLE of a competitive dancer- then by all means give us a call. Dancers should be versatile in their training.

How do I book an appearance or audition ?

Shoot us an email to DDCinc5678@gmail.com or give us a call at the studio. 

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In-house Technique Workshops