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COMPANY DANCER: Dancers who are looking to take a more serious approach to dance through competitive dance, community performances and more are encourage to audition and join our resident dance company "Dream Dance Company". Please see our company page for more information.

RECREATION DANCER:  Dancers who are committed to weekly classes and instruction are encouraged to register as a performance dancer. Each performance dancer will perform twice a year (typically December & June). Dancers who register as a performance dancer are expected to attend class on a regular weekly basis and attend all rehearsals and performances. Your performance depends on your class attendance.

FLOATING DANCER: Dancers who have floating schedules that may not accommodate a weekly schedule are encouraged to enroll as a floating dancer. These dancers do not participate in performances but are more than welcome to take classes with us. You may register for the semester of drop in when you can. The Floating season is 8 months in total.

Note: Only one category can be selected for each dancer. Mix and Match categories are not available. Dancers may transfer once per semester with director approval. Five678 Studio of Dance does not honor refunds or reimbursements of any kind.



 Hip Hop 

Friend & Me 
Boys Only


Beginner - Advanced

TINY TOTS | 2.5 -3.5

Tiny Tots are just the most adorable dancers you've ever seen. This class allows each dancer to break out of their shell and find their independence through the world of dance. We focus on cognitive skills, balance and the basics of dance all powered by creative movement. Our Tiny Tots even tumble like little gymnast. This energetic and hands on class is sure to channel all of that every into something amazing for your little dancer.


Our Munchkin Classes are designed for the "big girl" and the "big boy". At this level, we add the dance technique of tap as we progress into the world of dance. Our munchkin classes are one hour in length, split into 2 sections. Ballet and Tap. Cognitive skills review and educational reinforcement such as counting, directions and social skills are also incorporated into our fun filled hour of dance. 


Welcome to the big league friends! It's time to kick it up a notch and really concentrate on your technique and growth, Your choices of classes increase with more opportunities to have fun and earn more. Choose a variety. It will be worth your while.


Show us what you've got! As our dancers mature ion their day to day life, their dance career will follow suit. This is a great time to begin and exceptional time to kick things up a notch in your dance training. We are routing for you. 

TEEN | AGES 12 - 18

It's never too late to begin or perfect your dance career. Five678 has your back with whatever your dancing heart desires. Our Teen classes range from Ballet to Tap with some fun and intense training classes in between. 


Take your dance training to the next level! Acrobatics is when the technique of dance is fused with gymnastics fundamentals. 


Dancers must be enrolled in technical dance class to enroll in Acrobatics. 

Technique classes include- Ballet, Jazz, Modern etc. 


Dream Dance Company is our resident performance company. Love competitions, community events and just being in the LIME Light? Then this is the level for your.  This investment in your dancer teaches teamworks, sportsmanship, dedication , time management and hard work. Our company training 3-4 days a week and serves as "the face" of the studio to our community. Please contact us for an audition. 

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