We Are Mighty in Lime!

Five678 Studio of Dance is a wonderful place where dancers of all ages are safe to learn and grow on and off the dance floor.

Tasheika Wester -dance mom

Five678 has a new home!

We have updated our facility and are now located at:

5854 Allentown Way

Camp Springs, MD 20748

(only 8 minutes from our prior location) 

Registration for the 2020 - 2021 dance season is now open!

classes begin 9-21-2020

Dancing Through the Storm!!


I love the family atmosphere that the studio provides & I am more than comfortable leaving my baby in their care to dance her little heart away.

Maya Salter - dance mom

See you on the dance floor!

Five678 Studio of Dance would like to thank all of our essential workers who are so 

graciously working through this COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to everyone for 

your prayers and support as it pertains to our small business. We WILL dance through 

this storm and be even stronger upon return. 

Our Five678 Family encourages everyone to wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands &stay safe. 

Contact Us









5854 Allentown Way

Camp Springs, MD 20748



Five678 will be operating virtually until further notice. Please see below for  temporary business hours.


Tuesday & Thursday

5:00pm -8:00pm


11am - 2pm

For quicker service, please utilize our email option at this time. 

Thank You.